Yoga Tips For Beginners: How To Pick The Perfect Yoga Studio



Congratulations for the decision to start practicing yoga. You got your yoga gear all lined up, but where to next? Finding a yoga studio might be challenging because  usually there are so many options that you can’t decide.


Answer the following questions to get closer to the perfect yoga studio for you. Keep in mind that, although this article is great for you to make a shortlist, you may still need to attend to a couple of classes at different studios in order to get the real look & feel to make the final decision.



Clarify first what is your motivation for yoga. It could be recommended by your doctor for stress control, pregnancy or injury rehabilitation. You may be just curious about the benefits of yoga or have another specific goal in mind. Answering this question will make all the next  answers easy.



Your search can be easily narrowed down by considering the geographical limits. Think about how far are you willing to travel for Yoga. When looking at nearby studios, consider the times of classes available and the class sizes. It’s best to pick a small class, so that the instructor can see you and make sure that you are practicing safely, at leas until you learn the poses. You should also look at pictures or even visit the studios that get on your shortlist. The environment shouldn’t distract you from the experience. Check for loud next door classes, lights that are too bright or spaces that are too small to make you feel comfortable.


What yoga style?

Do determine what the best option is, look at your personality and your fitness level. There are more vigorous yoga styles, more gentle styles, hot styles, meaning that the room is heated to about , Some yoga styles are different every time, like Vinyasa Flow, and others are fixed, meaning the same series of asanas is done in every class. There are static yoga styles, where yu hold the poses for a couple of minutes, and more You should also think about whether you would like a practice that is focused more on the physical exercises , more on meditation or somewhere in between. You can just ask the teacher about what makes his or her class different, most of them are more than happy to answer.


One or many teachers?

Yoga teachers are typically independent contractors which means they can change where they teach at any time. If this does not sound good to you and you wish for something more consistent,  you can search for a yoga teacher that has his or her own studio. Otherwise, enjoy the diversity of teachers  that you find at most studios. The good thing about having many teachers is that, while there is a certain part of the practice that is the same for all, like the poses, that haven’t changed too much in the last 1000 years, there are some parts that will differ. It can be fun to watch how the fixed part of yoga interacts with each teacher : their voice, their personality, their way of giving instructions, whether they correct your posture physically or not. This way you find out faster what you like and don’t like, with the aim of finding someone for whom the practice seems to be working in the way you want it to work for you.


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