Stretching Strap
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Feel young at any age - elongate your muscles around the joints, increasing the range of motion and helping you avoid injury

Stretching Strap with Loops
Latex free cotton blend
Carrying Pouch
Light and easy to carry
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With our High-Quality Stretching Strap with Loops, you can stretch freely without fear of injury
Warm up and exercise from home
You become more flexible and balanced
Overcome back pain and other aches
Helps with yoga, pilates and dancing
Soft, elastic and comfortable to use and track your progress with numbered loops
Fight sedentarism by stretching your muscles and straightening your joints
Gain optimum mobility
Make exercising more challenging and spice up your routine
Improve your workout with the help of the included exercise e-book
Ideal to fight a static lifestyle
Feel young at any age - elongate your muscles around the joints, increasing the range of motion and helping you avoid injury
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Customer Testimonials
The quality of this strap is very high and has a nice feel to it. It doesn't feel like it will snap and break. The extra loops can be used or not
I am extremely happy with this purchase. I was injured a couple years ago and since then, I have noticed difficulty with my body being too stiff to do anything without pain. This strap made it much easier to work the muscles in my body
Stephanie W.
The quality of this product is amazing! It has those handles all over it, which is so perfect for hand placement, and there are no issues with it slipping around. This product will be huge in my success and reaching my goals
I really like this yoga band for stretching. It is good quality band with loops, and stretchable. It comes with instructions for various exercises.
I am a Personal trainer and have recommended this to many of my clients.
I only wish that the pouch included for the yoga band was a little bigger or had drawstring. I had trouble fitting yoga band back into pouch.
Dianne Della Ratta
Wow. Just wow!! Cheap yoga finds are usually hit or miss... so let me tell you about this! It. Is. Amazing!!! You would think it would be fairly flimsy. Wrong. This stretching strap is durable!! I have been using this daily for the past two weeks and I have yet to have any issues. There are different notches to help with whatever level you are starting with. The quality here is amazing, I am already starting to feel the difference. Such an amazing find for such a great price!!
Morgan Head
EVO 28
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