First Yoga Class: 6 Biggest Beginner Mistakes You Want To Avoid



Congratulations, it’s your first day of Yoga! Having a pleasant first experience might facilitate you becoming a regular, so let’s get anything that could ruin it out of the way.


1.Keeping your cell phone on

When you are really focused, any kind of noise becomes deafening and disturbing. And it would be a disaster to ruin savasana for everybody, right? So you know the drill. Turn your cell phone off, or put it on Silent mode, no vibration, in your bag or locker. We advise you not to attempt to bring your phone with you on the mat, because you risk some serious death stares from fellow yogis.


2.Keeping your shoes on

There’s a strict ‘no shoes’ rule in all yoga studios. Don’t look at it like you have to give something up, but rather as you experience something new. You are going to need your feet bare to get in all the poses and you will feel the ground like never before. Leave your shoes at the door and experiment with the new sensation, you will quickly get used to it. If you are concerned about the safety of your footwear, you can leave them in your cubicle as most yoga studios offer this option.


3.Wardrobe errors

If you don’t intend to flash everybody or spend half the class pulling at your clothes you should stick to something that is form-fitting. It might sound counterintuitive that tight clothes leave more to the imagination than comfy baggy ones, but only until you see the actual poses. There is a lot of movement like folds, inversions and leg lifting so loose fitting clothes have a higher chance of slipping, sliding, falling and gapping, leaving you exposed.  You should also do a sheer check, as some yoga pants tend to be a bit translucent when you bend over.


4.Rush like there’s no tomorrow

Savasana, the final pose, involves lying on your back for about 5 minutes to absorb the practice and calm the mind. There is nothing more disturbing to the others like collecting your stuff (bag ruffling and keys jiggling) and leaving in the middle of this peaceful resting time. If you must leave early, tell your teacher beforehand, make time for your own savasana, set up near the door and leave before savasana, to keep the disturbance to a minimum.


5.Being guilty of Monkey mind

You are finally here, on your mat, for the first time. But what’s in your head? If your mind is just like a monkey going from branch to branch, from thought to thought, doing to-do lists or wandering what’s for dinner, you miss the mind-body connection that everybody is talking about and also the associated benefits. Try to ignore distractions as the brain is not equipped for multitasking and instead focus on your breath and the sensations in your body. It’s all right to have thoughts coming at you, and it’s your choice to bring your attention to them or not.


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