EVO 28
Let us tell you a bit about ourselves…

We are all about doing better. That’s our drive, and our main promise to you: whenever we develop a new product we have lots of talks with our customers, our community and fitness experts.

That’s where our name comes from: Evo28 means Evolution to infinity (Evo 2∞).

We proved that fitness gear can be of much better quality, and still not break the bank. It’s all about the materials you use, and some of our obsessive attention to detail. So far, our line of fitness gear has been mainly focused on low-impact bodyweight exercises. The Evo28 equipment is minimal, easy to carry and use and can be used both at home and at the gym.

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Evo 28
Who is this for?
Our gear needs to pass through a vetting process before it gets produced. It always has to check most of these boxes:
Beginner friendly
For adults of all ages
High quality materials
Durable & Easy to carry
Experts approved
Fair priced
Our process is to extensively test every product before release and to do extensive research into what our clients find problematic with said equipment.

Dialog is the yellow brick road that we walk on, so that we can be sure that every single one of our products meets our strict price/quality ratio.
Evo 28
History and philosophy
We started out on Amazon as Yoga Evo, where he had great feedback and success. We just love Yoga as a means for obtaining a great body, strength and flexibility... but also relaxation and peace of mind.

After extensive dialog with the community our love of fitness has quickly transcended yoga as a discipline, and we are venturing into other workouts as well (like Pilates, Insanity, T25 etc.). This means more equipment for your home (and gym) workouts.

Fitness is not just about looking good. We know that most people aim for that, and that’s fine… but after you journey deeper and deeper into sports and fitness your priorities change.

You get a certain peace of mind, a confidence and wellness that you probably forgot you could have. Sure, it’s not easy to find the energy to exercise every other day, and that’s why we focused so much on low impact exercises. You can both work out and relax at the same time.

And after a while, chores become hobbies, and health isn’t just a distant goal, but a side effect of your lifestyle. And we love helping you do that!
Evo 28
Why do we do it?
If you have ever been at a restaurant and thought to yourself “I make better omlettes than this one” you’ll understand our process. We were sick and tired of having basic fitness equipment be uncomfortable, low quality or super expensive.

One thing led to another and we decided to start our own brand of yoga themed gear, just the way we liked them. After a time we realized that more and more people were excited about our products and giving us great feedback.

We decided to dedicate ourselves to bringing you great, tried and tested equipment for low impact exercising. If you don’t believe us, we’ll send you your money back!

Stay tuned, stay fit and thank you for your time.
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