Yoga Tips for Beginners: What you should know before starting to practice Yoga



Ok, so you have decided that you want to try practicing Yoga. Or you tried it before, you were disappointed and would like to give it another go. Here are the things to think about before even considering all Yoga products:


Place & Style

The first thing that you should have in mind is what kind of yoga would you like to practice. Do you want it to be really challenging from the beginning, like Hot Pod Yoga or do you want something that is more gentle, like Yin Yoga? Do you want to get in the same postures every time or do you want to be surprised by your practice? Based on your decision, you will either go to a yoga studio or try practicing at home. Going to a studio will most likely boost your motivation and make you stick to longer sessions, but practicing at home may be more comfortable and definitely less pricey.



Figure out how much time you actually have. You might want to practice yoga every day for 90 minutes but you could lack the actual time to do it. See when your free time is and when your energy level is at its highest. For example, you could squeeze in 15 minutes of yoga in the morning before you start your day, on your lunch break (before you eat) or in the evening, but it really depends on your individual build: when do you feel most active and lively. You might feel like practicing Yoga in the morning really wakes up the body, while in the evening you are too tired, or you might feel stiff early in the morning and would rather practice in the evening, in order to relax.



You can pretty much do yoga anywhere, even with your eyes closed, but ideally under natural (but not direct) sunlight. For evening or night practices, floor or ceiling lamps with soft light work just as well. It is important that light gives you a comfortable feeling. Not too harsh, yet not too weak, so you can still see what you are doing, especially while you are still learning. If you decided to go to a studio, pick one that has large windows or other means of getting some natural light in. If you practice at home, place your yoga mat close to a window or, if you practice by night – put a colorful scarf on a lamp, hang some white Christmas lights or light a candle. For most people, the warm ambience helps them focus and connect with themselves.



There aren’t any rules here, really. To each, his own. There are people who prefer to practice in absolute silence while others enjoy nature sounds such as birds, the sea or the rain. Some people just listen to their favorite songs. Our suggestion is to match the rhythm of the music with the rhythm of your practice. This is usually done at yoga studios, but if you practice at home you will figure it out soon enough. Flowing yoga styles such as Vinyasa Yoga work well with more rhythmic sounds, while more static yoga styles such as Hatha Yoga match up perfectly with slow, soothing music. It also depends if you want to do an energizing practice, to start your day, or a relaxing one, before you go to bed. You might want to avoid tracks with vocals though, as they are an easy distraction.



Comfortable. That’s the only thing that yoga clothes should be. Just put on whatever is the most comfortable in your wardrobe. Your outfit should allow you to be fully mobile and it shouldn’t be too baggy so the hanging top doesn’t bother you in inversions. If you know that you are prone to sweating or you chose a hot yoga class, try wearing moisture wicking clothes to remain comfortable throughout the practice. Although Yoga is traditionally practiced barefoot, some people prefer wearing socks. Just find out what works best for you.


Now that you know all of this, just pick some yoga gear and start this wonderful journey for your mind and body.


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